ROBYTOWER is a motorized telescopic column specifically designed for professional broadcasting needs. Either for studio application or a an outdoor event, Robytower is a perfect solution to achieve smooth panoramic shots. The system can be used upright achieving a variety of shots from 1,4 m to 4,4 m high or be installed in a hanging position. The system is built of strong, narrow aluminum tubes, which make the whole construction extremely compact and light-weight. All parts are assembled to guarantee maximum stability and rigidness in challenging broadcast environments. The system works perfectly with gyro-stabilized heads Robyhead L and Robyhead R3, but is also compatible with a standard PTZ head like Robyhead D1. The system is controlled through a regular control panel or a floor pedal for height control. Robytower is very easy and quick to mount. Normally a flat plate is used as a base, however the system can also be mounted on a wheeled dolly.

Maximum speed 1,5 m/s
Acceleration 1 m/s2
Weight 60 kg
Payload 20 kg
Tokyo Olympics (Japan)

Robytower Brochure