Our Refcam is a universal solution consisting of a mini-camera, specially designed camera mount,  IMTDragonfly wireless camera transmitter and the Vislink 2 input H.264 receiver with Fanbeam antennas. The camera can be easily attached and de-attached to/from any helmet, allowing referees to use personal gears they are used to. The whole kit weighs only 190 g and is perfectly balanced on the helmet without wires, thereby eliminating any discomfort for the user. Refcam can be mounted on most helmets, includingin hockey, horseracing, and American football. This POV system also bears the possibilities of being arranged as a chest- or glass-cam solution. Battery charge can last up to 5 hours and the battery compartments can be easily replaced during the game breaks. During the operations, the camera is remotely controlled by RCP placed in the OB-VAN that comes along with the kit. By providing a unique visual experience Refcam stands out as a perfect tool to brings viewers closer.

Picture control by RCP: White Balance, Exposure, Gamma, Gain
Camera Parameters: 1/1.8 CMOS, 60p, Full HD
Transmission range: up to 2 miles with default omnidirectional antennas
Weight: 190 g with
helmet mount (camera + typical transmitter)
Variable transmitter options: IMT/Vislink, DTC (Cobham), AMIMON
All Stars Weekend, Slovakia
Champions Hockey League Final
Multiple KHL Ice-Hockey matches

Refcam Datasheet