Robycam 3D

    ROBYCAM 3D is a multidimensional cable-suspended camera system built on the combination of intellectual robotic winches, gyro-stabilized camera head, and advanced computational algorithms, which allow the camera to follow any 3D motion path within the working area. Gyro-stabilized camera head - Robyhead, fully controls camera view angles with endless 360° pan and active roll with auto horizon.
     As a modular system, Robycam can be installed in both 3D (4 winches) and 2D (2 winches) modes depending on production requirements. In both cases, video signal and camera head controls are delivered to/from the dolly via a separate fiber-optic cable, which length is adjusted by a separate winch. Every system is equipped with integrated Compass AR Tracking technology allowing to incorporate basic and complex AR graphics by major international providers.
     Well-tailored software is designed to set geometrically complex safety zones even exclude physical objects from working perimeter. Access to the system control for the certified staff is granted through finger-print verification. Pilots and supervisors have to go through advanced training and examintaion routine, organized by the Head Office. The system has been proved to comply with DGUV 17/18 (former BGV-C1) German safety standard and conforms all other major regional safety requirements. The system is also available in a double-rope mode in conformance with French legislature.

Digital 3-axis gyro-stabilization
Motion Control / Prerecorded movements
Supports 4K/HDR cameras; Sony HDC-P50, HDC-P43, Grass Valley LDX C86N, Panasonic AK-UB300, Arri Alexa Mini
8K ready
Integrated driftless Compass AR Tracking
Working zone: 200m x 200m
Run-time: up to 6-8 hours
DGUV 17/18 Certificate by DEKRA
IIHF World Hockey Championships
Roland Garros Tournament (France)
Biathlon IBU World Championships (Italy)
FISU Winter Universiade (Russia)
Biathlon IBU World Cups (Italy, Germany)
FINA Aquatic Championships (South Korea)
2019, 2018
Champions Hockey League Final
Chongqing MaJor (China)
Presidential elections in South Korea (South Korea)
2017, 2015
NHK Trophy – Figure Skating Grand Prix!
Presidential elections in South Korea
XXUIII Summer Universiade, Ceremonies and Athletics (Taiwan)
X-Factor Show (Italy)

Robycam 3D Brochure