Robyhead R3

RobyHead R3 is one of the industry’s top gyro stabilized remote heads in the industry. The R3 stands up to the most challenging broadcast environments, consistently delivering professional results with operational stability.

Cutting edge design and solid manufacturing of this light-weight remote head allows easy integration with industry standard telescopic cranes, jibs, cable cams, tower cams and high-speed rail systems. Direct drive motors ensure the widest degree of stabilization without vibration, even in the most extreme conditions.

Precise control of the head, camera and lens and superior tracking data permits integration with Virtual & Augmented Reality set-ups, connecting the hardware with broadcast rendering engines and fully automated studio control systems. A clean, well-designed user-interface reduces setup time and eases the learning curve for full head control.

The system is smart, and rugged – the carbon fiber body goes fearlessly into the harshest weather conditions, making it an ideal system for indoor and outdoor use.


Datasheet Robyhead R3