Our Earcam is a compact, wearable camera solution, designed to take in-game moments right from the point of view of one of the event’s participants. It is designed to be mounted directly on the head without any additional gears. Camera module weighs 90 g and has a flexible head mount adjustment, beltpack modules weigh 230 grams and are placed on the belt. This combination allows the user to run and jump freely without any discomfort, therefore allowing its usage in high intensity sports. Originally camera was designed for field hockey umpires, but real list of use cases comprises of boxing, baseball, horse racing, football, rugby, soccer and many others.
    All camera parts are made of soft and flexible sort of plastic, that prevents any user’s injuries and is quite pleasant to touch. Additional textile cases allow Earcam to be used even in rainy outdoor conditions. Battery charge can last up to 1 hour and the battery can be easily replaced during the game breaks.
    During the operation camera is remotely controlled by the RCP that comes along with the kit and is normally placed in the OB-Van.
    By providing a unique visual experience Earcam stands out as a perfect tool to bring viewers closer.

Shading by RCP: White Balance, Exposure, Gamma, Gain, Knee, Matrix
Camera Parameters: 1/2.5” CMOS, 1080i/p 50/60, SDR/HDR
Transmission range: up to 2 miles LoS
Ear mount (camera): 97 g
Tokyo Olympics 2020 (Japan)

Earcam Datasheet