In-house designed high-speed straight track system Robyrail, available in various modifications is a perfect solution to achieve dynamic moving shots. With fast acceleration the system can achieve speeds of about 13 m/s. The system is built around our modern direct-drive R3 gyro-stabilized head line, but works well with the heads of other manufacturers too.
     Robyrail uses the narrow monorail profile thus requiring a minimum footprint on the ground when rigged. The system supports automated moves, borders and presets. It can also either work with with cable carrier or wireless signal transmission and battery supply or wireless transmission.
     Robyrail also supports our Compass AR tracking technology so can supply camera tracking data in real-time through FreeD protocol.

Single and double-headed dollies
Robyhead R3 or third-party heads supported
Fiber-optic transmission and power to the dolly through the cable carrier system
13 m/s Speed Operator controlled or pre-defined dolly movement
Compact monorail profile
Augmented Reality tracking support
International Swimming League (Hungary)
2nd European Games in Minsk (Belarus)
FINA Swimming World Cup (Qatar)

Robyrail Brochure