RobyHead D1

D1 is a robotic pan/tilt solution for the professional outside broadcasting, as well as for the stationary use in studios, theaters, conference halls and stadiums. The head is specially designed around modern 4K camera line providing 4x3G SDI, 12G SDI and 2xFiber connectivity for the camera signals. The most typical payload for the head would be a boxsize camera, but it has enough power to carry studio cameras and has extra connectivity for a prompter at the front. The head has a rigid and stylish carbon-fiber body and provides smooth and precise movements. An integrated power supply simplifies camera connections. D1 may be controlled via IP or serialinterface, so it can be easily integrated into studio infrastructure or outside broadcast venue and used in remote production. 

The head is designed upon request from Panasonic (Broadcast and Professional Department), which is the major partner and non-exclusive distributor of the product around the globe. The system is a perfect match for their Panasonic AK-UB300 UHD/HDR camera and their control panels. In this configuration the D1 and the camera form a single logical unit for the control panel. Thus, a single logical unit for the control panel which is able to provide a full control of the head and image parameters at the same time. A single control panel can control multiple heads, therefore, this combination allows to build a complete HD/UHD multi-camera system controlled by a single operator that can minimize production costs. Panasonic remote control panels may be a part of the system to provide iris and extended camera controls to the video engineers. D1 has an integrated AR tracking function. The head is built upon high-resolution encoders on each axis and supports Canon and Fujinon lens drives. It is able to output real-time live tracking data via Ethernet directly to a graphics engine using a classic FreeD protocol.

  • 2019 ISU World Cup Short Track (Italy)
  • 2019 Permanent Installation in the Flemish Parliament
  • 2019 Canal Malaga Studio installation
  • 2018 Permanent installation in the Kazakhstan Parliament
  • 2018 Permanent Installation in the Bloomberg Office (UK)
  • 2017 Permanent Installation in the Bolshoy Theatre (Russia)
  • 2017 Handball European Championships


Robyhead D1 Datasheet