Movilink is a family of camera connection systems that allow to transmit all necessary connections to/from a camera via one or multiple optic-fiber lines. Movilink is capable of simultaneous transporting of the following signals:
• Up to 4 3G-SDI channels (in either direction);
• 1 Gb Ethernet;
• One serial interface with Sony 700 protocol support;
• Intercom audio;
• Tally.

The typical application for the system would be remote head operator's position connection or 4K camera connection to an OB-truck.

Movilink consists of two modules – a Camera unit and a Base unit. Each unit may either connect to a balanced 4-wire +4 dBu intercom line or have a headset output.
Movilink may be supplied in a portable or rack cases and has a rich set of available order options.

Movilink configuration software can be found at the following link


User Manual