Robycam Compact

Robycam 3D Compact is a smaller version of our leading-edge Robycam system. The Compact is designed for studio work and venues where space is a premium and wouldn’t normally consider using a suspended cable-camera system, such as basketball stadiums or ice hockey rinks. What makes the Compact system unique is the winch and head size. The winches are compact yet can provide enough force to achieve a tight drop angle of 4.5 degrees. The Compact’s gyrostablized head reduces size but does not sacrifice features, still allowing our Compass AR Technology to be fully integrated into the Compact system. Thanks to its smaller size the system is lighter to transport and faster to setup too

The like its bigger brother the Robycam Compact  is a modular system that can be installed in 3D (4 point) or 2D (2 point) modes to accommodate a wide variety of venues and installation locations. Video and data are fed via fiber-optic cable, ensuring that there is no signal loss due to radio interference in any environment. 

Our Compass AR Tracking technology easily integrates virtual objects and augmented reality broadcast graphics into the video feed for live production because the system is fully digital. That’s the Movicom difference


  • 2019 ISL International Swimming League (Europe, USA)
  • 2020 Blizzard Entertainment Launch Weekend (USA)
  • 2019 Ice Hockey World Championship (Slovakia)
  • 2019 Kirin Energy Drink Advertisement (Japan)
  • 2019 Italia Got Talent (Italy)
  • 2019 FINA World Championships (Korea)
  • 2018 FIBA Europe Cup (Germany)
  • 2018 Sportsman of the Year Award (Germany)
  • 2019 PUBG Asia Invitational (Macao)
  • 2019 Blind Catch show at German TV (Germany)
  • 2019 CHL Final (Sweden)