Robyline is a classic point-to-point system operated with one robotic winch. Fast acceleration and high speed of 16 m/s make it a great solution for picturesque panoram-ic shots and dynamic high-speed coverage. A separate lightweight traction cable provides precise and smooth movement of a dolly with a mounted camera head. The new system is built around our modern direct-drive R3 gyro-stabilized headline, but can perfectly work with other heads as well.

The length of the carrier rope can vary from 300 to 1000 meters, both plane, and uphill. The elevation difference can reach up to 100 m and the dolly movement can fit into a very narrow path. Video and data transmission is delivered via RF with no signal loss even at very long distances

The new R3 head is equipped with in-house designed Com-pass AR Tracking technology. State of art software enables smooth and driftless integration of complex AR graphics provided by major broadcast graphics companies. The Mo-tion Control System software that runs the model allows operators to record camera movements, then reproduce and even adjust these recorded flying paths. Replicating desired trajectories is of great benefit for AR and graphics integration or while working in close proximity to physical objects. System safety is always a top priority, so the operational software is designed to set safety zones and eliminate human error in the heat of the broadcast moment..

Wireless transmission 16 m/s speed
Robyhead R3 or thirdparty heads supported Integrated automated safety stops
300 m – 1000 m rope length High accuracy of borders preset
Integrated driftless Compass AR tracking Operator controlled or pre-defined dolly movement
IBU Biathlon World Cup, Italy
FIS Ski World Cup, Italy
Navy Parade, SaintPetersburg, Russia
Victory Parades, Russia
Sochi Olympics Pre-Events
IBU World Cup, Slovenia

Robyline Datasheet